Junior Infants

Team Teaching

We read many stories about Elmer by David McKee. We then created some Elmers.
During Team Teaching we have been working on sequencing stories. You can see all our hard work on our notice board.

Our Christmas Nativity

The Junior Infants were just fantastic as the beautiful angels. We went to Torc Waterfall and some of the angels went to Muckross House also. We had great fun. We even appeared in the Kerryman Newspaper! We hope you enjoyed out Nativity.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The juniors had great fun prepare for our Christmas nativity.

Our Winter Hats

The Juniors are getting ready for Winter

The Juniors are getting ready for Winter. We painted beautiful hats and mittens. We also learned about The Water Cycle. We then painted raindrops.

Fine Motor Activities

Posted on 15/11/2017

Lots of fine motor activities happening this week!

Letter formation

Posted on 15/11/2017

We started our new copies this week. We had to stay on the blue line while forming the letter C. We also had to draw a picture of something that begins with C.

Halloween Fun in Junior Infants

Something spooky happened in the Junior Infant room on Friday. We had some barmbrack, we made witches and ghosts, we did the skeleton dance and we even had  little party! Have a look at our spooky pictures! Happy Halloween Everybody!πŸ˜ƒ

A busy time in Junior Infants

The children used play-doh to make their sounds, they used the mini whiteboards to write their sounds, they used felt to make scary monsters, they played dice number games, they complete numeracy activities with Ms Hallissey, they did lots of Halloween cutting! 










Our Sounds Table for n,c,k,e,h,r.

The children brought in some wonderful items for our sounds table. Can you find the following items and say what sound they begin with. coat, kitten, rabbit, eggs, elephant, necklace, helmet,cup, car napkin,horse, key, roll, card, rat, cow, hat, newspaper, rubber, hammer, kite, koala, kangaroo and many more. Use these pictures to help with practicing your sounds.


Autumn in Junior Infants

We created leaf people using the beautiful Autumn leaves. We are also looking everywhere for signs of Autumn. We also went on an Autumn trail last Friday. We learned about animals that hibernate. 

Manners Matters Month

We read a lovely story called Have You Filled A Bucket Today? You can listen to the story and song with your child. The children then created pictures of nice things to fill other peoples buckets. You can fill someones imaginary bucket by being kind and nice.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The children enjoyed the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We made blankets for baby bear, we made wanted pictures looking for Goldilocks, we made porridge, we went on a bear hunt, we had a Teddy Bears picnic and we even had a visit from Father Bear! We all had great fun. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures. 

Structured Play

The children enjoy structured play each morning. Activities include various way to improved their fine motor skills and creativity. 

Our Sounds Table

The children brought in some wonderful examples of items beginning with the sounds s,a,t,i,p. 

Can you find something that begins with the s sound?

I wounder what sound does pumpkin begin with?

What sound does tractor begin with?

Name all the items that begin with the t sound?

(Have fun playing this at home)

Baking with Mary

Day 1:

of baking with Mary. Junior Infants had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Kitchen and do some lovely baking with Mary. The children made some very tasty rice krispies buns. The pictures show the first group baking. Lots more pictures to follow and some feedback from the wonderful Juniors! A big THANKS to Mary. 

Day 2:

The Green group went baking with Mary on Wednesday. They made some more lovely buns. Mary even let the boys and girls lick the spoons!! I think she even let someone lick the bowl!!!! The children had lots of fun. THANKS Mary

Day 3 of Baking with Mary.

The children in the Blue Group went baking on Thursday. They really enjoyed themselves and they even made a bun for their teacher. She gobbled it down!  Great team work today! A big go raibh maith agat to Mary.

Day 4

Baking with Mary came to a lovely conclusion today. Well done to the lovely red group who had a lovely time in the kitchen today. They even took their teddy bears baking. Go raibh maith agat Mary for all your hard work.

David Clifford called to see us

David Clifford called to see us on Tuesday. David Clifford plays for Kerry who won the All Ireland Minor Final. We made Kerry Jerseys to wave at David. The older boys and girls sang a lovely song for David.

Brown Bear what do you see?

The Junior Infants read the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? We then created beautiful masks. It might be a nice idea at home to play the clip and get your child to recall the story. Enjoy 

Junior Infant Team design their very own jerseys

Check out the new Junior Infant Team. They designed their very own jerseys. The line up is as follows.........

Junior Infants enjoyed their first day at school

The new Junior Infants enjoyed their first day at school. Here is a little snap shot of them. We all had a wonderful two days!




A lovely Poem for Junior Infant parents

I did Nothing


Our School Tour Knockreer House

The Junior Infants went to Knockreer House for their school tour. We had a wonderful day. We found out about lots of animals, we found traps with some field mice, we used pooters  for collecting insects which we then examined under microscopes and we went to the river to collect Aqua species. We may have got a little wet here but we had loads of fun!! We went to Knockreer House on a bus which the children absolutely loved and most importantly we had....... ICE CREAM!!!

Zoo Projects

Posted on: 30/05/2017

The Junior Infants recently completed zoo projects as part of their homework. They all did a wonderful job. All projects were very creative. Well done Juniors! Watch out a film about our projects is currently being created and directedπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸΌπŸ¨πŸ―πŸ»πŸ΅πŸπŸžπŸ πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Teddy Bears Picnic 

Posted on: 29/05/2017


Old and New

Posted on: 29/05/2017

The Junior Infants looked at old and new. We looked at some very old toys that our grandparents would have played with. We then looked into the future at our future self. The boys and girls drew pictures of themselves in the future. They drew what jobs they may be doing in the future. Have a look at our future rock stars, dentists, doctors, horse riders, gymnasts, soccer players, divers, teachers, farmers, builders, engineers,  ballerinas, designers, dog walkers, guards, vets etc.

Team Teaching

Posted on: 29/05/2017

The children have been taking part in team teaching all year. They are all doing wonderfully. This is one group here reading their ditty sheet.  Well done to all the teachers and children involved.

The Zoo

Posted on: 29/05/2017

This month the theme for Aistear was the zoo. We had great fun learning about zoo animals. The children painted snakes, created Elmer the elephant, built a zoo for "Summer" our giraffe, we tried to create the longest snake using play-dough. We had great fun with with all the zoo animals. Finally to finish off our zoo theme the wonderful boys and girls will be presenting a zoo project on Friday and having a Teddy Bears Picnic!! But the fun does not stop there. The Animal Roadshow will visit our school on the 12th June. We are all looking forward to it!

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

We read the book The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. We all enjoyed the book. We decided to create a new hat for the cat in the story. We hope you like our designs.  The Cat in the Hat seems extremely pleased! 🎩🎩


Structured Play

Structured play taking place in Junior Infants. We used our IPads, our interactive white board, we built a zoo for our animals, we had a puppet show and we had dress up. 


Halloween fun!!! The juniors had a great day today. They made some buns, did some colouring, went on a nature walk, had a party and even scared a few people around the school.

We are all unique just like Elmer from our story

5 Little Pumpkins

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate
The first one said "oh my it's getting late"
The second one said "there are witches in the air"
The third one said "but we don't care"
The fourth one said "Let's run, let's run"
The fifth one said "Isn't Halloween fun"

There is something spooky going on in the Junior Infant Classroom!!! 

Our theme for Aistear for this month is Halloween. Have a look at what we got up to!!!! We painted haunting silhouettes, we constructed haunted houses, we went to the costume shop and went trick or treating, we cut out and pasted spooky bats!!! Have a look at some of our pictures. Be careful incase we scare you! πŸ™ˆπŸ€–πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΊπŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜Έ


The Junior Scientists

The Junior Infants were scientists this week. They did lots of science experiments. They looked created a tornado in a jar, they created static electricity, they increased the size of gummy bears, they tried to mix oil and water and Ada and Charlie even made an explosion using vinegar and bread soda!!!!

Food Dudes Programme

The children are currently taking part in the food dudes programme. They sample fruit and vegetables everyday. Juniors are really enjoying this healthy eating programme. Keep encouraging your child to eat fruit and veg every day.

Autumn - Our Theme for Aistear this Month

Our theme for Aistear this month was Autumn. We had lots of fun during Aistear. The children learned Autumn vocabulary. The children had to build an Autumn farm and walk with sand animals and machinery, they pretended that they were buying and selling at a farmers market, they went on a nature walk, they painted beautiful trees using Autumn colours, they also looked at Autumn items that float and sink, we also did some cutting and pasting! Our next theme for Aistear will be Halloween!


Our Autumn table

The children have been very creative and brought in some fantastic signs of Autumn to display. This is all part of Aistear. Have a look and discuss with your children what is on the table!

Our Junior Infant friendship tree

The children read the story called The Bucket Filler. It's all about doing nice things for others. The children then drew lovely pictures and cut them out of nice things to fill our bucket. (Parents if you would like to read this story to the children just google have you filled a bucket today pdf) it's a lovely story. Enjoy!!

Junior Infants designed their names in art today. It was definitely work to bee proud of🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Visit to the school library

The Junior Infants visited the school library today. They got to pick out some lovely books to take home. The children will visit the school library every Thursday morning. The children will return their books next Thursday and pick a new bookπŸ‘πŸ“™πŸ“˜πŸ“—πŸ“•πŸ““πŸ“”πŸ“’

Structured play this morning in the Junior Infant classroom

Important Notice

All the Juniors will line up outside the main door from Monday onwards. The children will then come into the class rooms and look for their names on their tables. They will appear like the picture below.

Junior Infants on their very first day of school


The classroom is all ready for the lovely new Junior Infants


A lovely poem for Junior Infant parents

Dear Teacher,
I know you're rather busy 
First day back, there's just no time
A whole new class of little ones 
And this one here is mine
I'm sure you have things covered
And have done this lots before
But my boy is very little
He hasn't long turned four
In his uniform this morning
He looked so tall and steady
But now beside your great big school
I’m not quite sure he’s ready
Do you help them eat their lunch?
Are you quick to soothe their fears?
And if he falls and hurts his knee
Will someone dry his tears?
And what if no-one plays with him?
What if someone’s mean?
What if two kids have a fight 
And he’s caught in between?
You’re right, I have to leave now
It’s time for him to go
I’m sure he’ll learn so much from you
Things that I don’t know
Yes, I’m sure they settle quickly
That he’s fine now without me
I know he has to go to school
It’s just so fast, you see
It seems like just a blink ago
I first held him in my arms
It’s been my job to love, to teach
To keep him safe from harm
So, when I wave goodbye in a moment 
And he turns to walk inside 
Forgive me if I crumple
Into tears of loss and pride
I know as I give him one more kiss
And watch him walk away, 
That he’ll never again be wholly mine
As he was before today.
Dear Parent,
I understand that you are scared
to wave your child goodbye
and leave him in a teacher’s hands
don’t worry if you cry!
I’m used to weeping parents
It’s hard to leave I know. 
But it’s time to share him (just a bit) 
To help him learn and grow.
Let me reassure you
That I’ll give your child my best
I’ll wipe his tears, soothe his fears 
And change his dirty vest!
If your darling child is full of cold
I’ll blow their nose all day
Just like you, I’ll care for them
In a special way.
I’ll treat him like I would my own
I’ll catch him from a fall and
If there is ANY problem 
I’ll be sure to tell you all.
I’ll tell you a secret.
That when your child is here
They talk to me as much of you
Of this please have no fear.
You’ll always be their mother
Whilst teachers come and go
To them you are their number one
This I truly know.
Soon you’ll see some changes 
In your little girl or boy
They’ll become more independent 
And to see this, it’s a joy!
I’ll teach them all I have to give
To share, climb and to write
But to you they safely will return
To tuck them in at night.
With love from a teacher…


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